I'm With Carrie

We are proud to be working with Members of Congress from both
parties to introduce a bipartisan bill ending arbitration for sexual
assault and rape in employment contracts.

I’m With Carrie is a campaign to prevent sexual assault in the
workplace by encouraging companies to change policy prior
to the bill passing.

Cause for Alarm

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The Adverse Impact

of Arbitration in Cases of Sexual Assault & Rape


Mandatory arbitration clauses protect sexual assailants at the expense of their victims.

59% of American workers have signed mandatory arbitration clauses as a condition of their employment.

Most employees don’t understand what arbitration clauses do.

Most employees aren’t aware of the fact that rape and sexual assault are covered by
arbitration clauses under the word “tort.”

Victims of rape and sexual assault are silenced and siloed by arbitration clauses with no access to a jury trial or right to an appeal.

The secrecy of arbitration protects predators, enabling them to target victims and act without fear of public exposure.

Flip The Script

We put our trust in you



My Employer









WE have shifted our trust. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, we place our trust in our employers over government and the media.

WE believe companies are the prime agents of change today.

WE know companies that take action lead the way as the ARCHITECTS OF OUR CULTURE, willingly creating a better future for their most valuable resource: employees.

WE put our trust in you, Corporate America, to use your power and influence to do what’s right.

Businesses Can Be Heroes Too


of Americans say business can be a force for positive social and enviornmental change.


of consumers agree that CEOs should take the lead on change rather than waiting for government to impose it.


of consumers are influenced to buy a brand, product or service by the words, actions, values and beliefs of a company’s employees -not just the CEO or marketing spokesperson.


of tech professionals agree that CE Os need to speak out when their company values are threatened.


of consumers prefer to purchase from a purpose-driven company


of Americans say living life with a sense of purpose is important to them.

Be a Corporate Hero

“We have to bring this world back to sanity and put the greater good ahead of self-interest.”


Join the Campaign

Companies can start by changing their policy and join our coalition. We are identifying and recruiting smart, thoughtful, purposeful organizations that share our values.

Raise Funds

We are raising the necessary funds to launch a nationwide educational campaign targeted to millennials, board members, employees, corporate leaders, cultural influencers and the media.

Raise Awareness

We are poised to execute a sophisticated strategy that includes high-touch conversations with corporate decision makers and thought leaders, as well as a fullblown media campaign across all channels.

Corporation For Good

Corporations have a unique position of doing business and doing good. Below are companies we honor and celebrate as true heroes, who do not have an arbitration clause for sexual assault in their employment contracts.

  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • Allstate
  • Uber
  • Angela J Graphics
  • b2 and Company
  • Beta
  • Bixa Research
  • Brian Malarkey
  • c3 Communications
  • Carrie Bobb & Co.
  • CGR Real Estate Inc.
  • Compel Co.
  • Connect Strategic Consulting
  • Courage Worldwide
  • CRE at Work
  • Dempsey Construction
  • Emjaye Inspired
  • Entwine Real Estate
  • Gallatin River Enterprises
  • Generations Beyond
  • Halli Makennah Photography
  • Hello Jenny
  • HTL Productions, Inc
  • Johnson Controls Fire Protection
  • Joshua Spieker Painting
  • Laughlin Consulting Group
  • Lofty Coffee
  • Mini Play Homes
  • Next Level Social AZ
  • Over the Moon Advertising
  • Point Realty Advisors
  • Possibilities Co
  • Procurvia
  • ROI Commercial Real Estate
  • RUE
  • Sabre Real Estate
  • Shop Couture Brands
  • Shope Real Estate Group
  • Tellus Land & Capital
  • The Anderson Group
  • The Auber Group
  • The Bluest Light
  • The Carrie Bobb Foundation
  • The Luxe Coast
  • The Ocean Company
  • The Zall Company
  • Transom
  • Ukropina Sabaugh
  • Waypoint Creative
  • Western Retail Advisors
  • Williamson Energy

“The real goal of what we’re doing is to have a positive impact on the world.”

- ED CATMULL, Co-Founder of Pixar

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing,
the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing."

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